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Hi there, my name is Martyn Williams and I have taught thousands of people how to increase their bliss. In addition I also hold a number of extreme sports world records, I have run global youth initiatives, created an airline in Antartica, and taught monks in India about Enlightenment.

Martyn Williams

Most people live in psychological dependency- on the external sources of happiness. This means that when you get what you want you are happy, but when you don’t you are sad. Most people living like this get sadder as they get older; this in turn makes them more prone to sickness, depression and loneliness.

It is quite easy to learn to live in psychological independence – Independent of the external circumstances; we enjoy life and are bliss filled. This means that whatever happens around us, we are filled with joy and love, appreciation, high energy, creativity and spontaneity. We tend to be more bliss filled each day, more on fire with life, more able to handle all of life’s challenges, more able to contribute to the world.

Benefits of Increasing Bliss

  • Loving every moment more vs tolerating some moments.
  • Smiling at a “bad weather day” vs grouchy because of the weather.
  • Laughing at circumstances that used to cause stress and frustration.
  • Being totally dynamic and proactive in crisis situations vsparalyzed with fear, worried, impotent.
  • Being high energy all the time vs mood dependent and low energy
  • Increasing health in your body vs sickness from stress and poor habits.
  • Feeling an Inner richness and experiencing an increasing outer weath vs poverty thinking, financial struggle and anxiety.
  • Never worrying or being stressed again in your life!

Is this course for me?

If you have big vision thinking, are eager to learn about yourself, have tenacity and determination you will experience massive shifts in a short time.

Most students double their bliss in a month

My Guarantee:

You will increase your bliss or your money back.

To help you to complete the course I am offering a financial incentive to increase motivation. If you complete the course and increase your bliss you will receive $60 off or 2 months free of the monthly Bliss course that follows this course.

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The course:

7 weeks course.

Your time commitment: You need about 30 minutes per day. Bonus materials are available and recommended to study if you find you have more time. Each week has a theme and builds on thelearning from the previous week.

Week 1: Core strength training

We work on developing your core connection with bliss, and its associated feelings; joy, unconditional love, clarity and inspiration. Using daily exercises from ancient wisdom, the yoga tradition, and the latestin brain research we expand our presence and experience of daily life.

Week 2: Eliminating the Problems

Now we learn techniques to eliminate problems in our lives. Our problems occur because of our perceptions. These perceptions are not true! We discover how to unravel our perceptions, to see lifefrom the perspective of bliss and joy. We practice 5 different techniques that are most effective fordifferent people, and we access many more if we need them.

Week 3: Heath and Bliss

As we increase our bliss we increase our health. This week we shift our perceptions and develop habits that increase our health, create high energy, dissolve patterns of stress and worry, develop deeper sleepand, sharpen our mind.

Week 4: Relationships and Bliss

Relationships are a major source of loss of bliss. Our conflicts, with others can all be resolved when we increase our frequency. We learn tools and techniques that help us increase love, communication,listening, and clarity, leading us to enjoy life and others much more. You will be thrilled by the changes.

Week 5: Wealth and Bliss

The most blissful people in the world are also often very wealthy. This week we shift patterns around poverty, struggle and creation. We learn the richness of bliss, and how that richness directly affects ourability to create wealth.

Week 6: Passion and Bliss

By week 6 our passion will have been liberated organically. This week we find the keys that bliss gives usto increase passion, dynamism, enthusiasm and love of life.

Week 7: Bliss in great difficulty

As we have increased our bliss our ability to handle all of life’s events with ease has skyrocketed. Aproblem that would have taken us a month to get over we now resolve in a few hours or less. In this last week we become excellent at handling all that life throws at us from a space of bliss. As we do this wefind that our compassion, love of others, empathy, clear thinking, and proactive response becomes even greater.

A typical student success chart

Students typically reduce the response time to major Problems from days to a few hours or less

Daily Check In and bliss update

Each day we send to your Smartphone or electronic device a survey to chart your progress.

We measure 3 parameters

  • Your progress as bliss increases.
  • What is taking you from bliss.
  • Increases in performance in handling difficult situations.

We then provide you with tools customized to help you with the specifics of what is taking you frombliss.


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